iPhone Xs Max - K11 Bumper

Changing the way we present our iPhone. One beautiful curve at a time. 

Here at ThanoTech, we pride ourselves in attention to detail. Which is why we waited for the final release of the iPhone Xs Max to make sure everything about our bumper is perfected. And that gold phone? Yes the K11 will be a perfect color match. There even were some changes to the phone that no one saw coming (bottom speaker design) but that is why we are looking over every millimeter. 

We can tell you that we have worked tirelessly to fix everything we got from your awesome feedback. It truly has been an amazing experience building the bumper that is for YOU. We can't wait to share the changes with you in the coming week so enjoy this teaser until then!


Here are the details to look for:

  • September 21st (iPhone Launch Day)
  • September 28th (K11 Pre-Order date)
  • November Shipment

Stay tuned to see what changes to the K11 we have in store for you. 


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