What phone models do you make the K11 for?

The iPhone 6/6s, 6 Plus/6s Plus, 7/8, 7 Plus/8 Plus, X

Will my current screen protector work with the K11?

YES! We spend countless hours making sure the design of the bumper will not interfere with any screens or back protectors. We have tested Glass, Polyurethane (TPU) and plastic (PU) protectors with no problems. No need to worry!!

Have I seen this on the market already?

No and yes. No, because there are others out there that “look” similar but are not an overmold combining the two elements. Yes, the info is below:

-Factory invents overmold in January, 2014

-Factory awarded Chinese patent July 4th, 2014

-Others see awesomeness and start knocking off

-ThanoTech (that's us) gets exclusive for patent in the USA

-Factory files patent in USA June 2015 (within 1-year patent protection)

-ThanoTech makes their own design for several phones

-ThanoTech launches Kickstarter to launch the tech in the USA market

-Once patent is awarded in the US, ThanoTech wins "Knockoffs" lose

-The Real McCoy from the factory that invented wins.

Can I use Edge to Edge glass?

All Edge to Edge glass that we have tested work perfect with a couple "no name" glass not sticking and the Cinder from Cupert giving us some trouble when taking the K11 off or putting it on.

Can I put a skin or film on the phone while using the K11?

We have successfully tested many films and skins and they have been perfect for the front and back but they will NOT work if you use a full body or full coverage that goes on the sides. The sides separate the buttons from the phone.

Don't get us wrong, it will look awesome and it will fit. You just can't use your buttons :)

What drop heights have you tested?

With much pride we stand by 6 feet (2 meters) on flat concrete with no damage to the phone or bumper besides scratches. We will have more drop videos up soon.

*We all know that even the big box cases can break the phone too. So still be careful!

Will the aluminum dent or get scratched?

We did about a dozen drop tests on concrete with the iPhone 6 Plus (heavier) and we did not have any large dents to the K11. We did see a few scratches on it after we dropped it at 6 feet (2 meters) and will stand by that height with pride!

Will the Znaps magnetic adapter work with your bumper?

We believe so from the specs but we have emailed them for verification and we also order some. We will update this when we find out... Still waiting on ours. :)

How strong is the TPU?

Lets just say this is the best TPU we have ever used or seen. We are proud.

Apple iPhone 4/4s bumper TPU? ha ha good one.
We won't mention others out there because we're not that mean.

Will the K11 block or interfere with my signal or WiFi?

NO! There is a beautiful layer of TPU in between the aluminum bumper and the phone. Yeah... we thought of that too :)

We have been field testing the K11 Bumper for several months in real world applications. Laboratory testing is a perfect world scenario where there is zero outside interference from weather, users and buildings. We wanted real world scenarios because we use the product and we don't live in a bubble. Signal strength varies from tower to tower depending on the load of users per cellular tower and we all know how “reliable” cellular and Wi-Fi is.

We have concluded that during our field test mode on the phone and also an RF meter we have readings that vary form -1/+1db. Other times when we tested we would see -3db with the K11 off (which is a lot). We then tested in that same spot with nothing on the phone and the same thing happened. After all that testing with a constant field mode on the phone we can say that as an average user, you will not notice a single change in reception that is not congruent with the reception issues (dropped calls, Wi-Fi inconsistencies) you currently experience. Let’s just say enjoy your K11!

Lastly, we have had several reviewers and product testers use the K11 and have not noticed an issue at all. These are large press releases that test tons of products (many metal) that give us the reassuring confidence in the long process of perfecting the build. This is on top of the dozen prototypes we have out that are on all carriers and have not noticed a decline.

Does the white TPU get dirty?

Do your white shoes get dirty? Your favorite white shirt? Sadly, it does :)

We worked really hard to make that not happen and we hate that it happens too! We have found that some users with the white TPU have had it discolor in a few weeks and others go for months. It does depend on the daily habits and clothing you wear (just like those white shoes). An alcohol wipe can clean most of it off, but it's not a perfect solution.


Will the white TPU discolor or stain over time?

Ah the dreaded blue jeans... We have a composite formula that is based in the TPU that helps with the discoloring and staining, but it can still happen. We have several that are at 6 months now and still looking good!

Does the K11 come with a warranty?

Yes! After many tests and versions we are now going to offer a (1) year manufacturer warranty from defects and workmanship. This does exclude normal wear and tear.


Do I have to pay customs or VAT if I am shipping outside the United States?

We ship all international orders DDU (delivered duty unpaid), and we do not collect VAT (value added taxes). All taxes, duties, and customs fees are the responsibility of the recipient of the package. No refunds will be issued for these fees.

Depending on your country, your package may incur local customs or VAT charges that we are unable to prepay or even predict. In some countries rejected packages are not returned to us and are disposed of by DHL. If you reject the package because of the fees and it is not returned to us, you will NOT be entitled to a refund. If the package is returned to us we will issue a product refund once we receive it.

We recommend contacting your local customs office for more information regarding your country's custom policies.

How much does it cost to ship to Europe?

All orders are shipped DHL Global mail for $15. DHL picks up and transfers to your local post to deliver. You may also choose FedEx International Priority for $25 extra (ETA is 1-4 days).

Are the delivery times on your website guaranteed?

The only shipping methods that are guaranteed are FedEx 2-Day, or FedEx Priority Overnight. Any DHL or USPS shipping times are only estimated and are not guaranteed to arrive in the quoted time frame. You never know when a truck will be delayed by a flat tire or bad weather.