About Us

Team ThanoTech

Jackson Hollberg, CEO/Founder
Super tech support, advice on how to perfectly cook a hot pocket, customer service, shipping wizard, life coach; there's no shortage of things Jackson can do. His passion for solving problems and helping others is contagious. Jackson tries to live his life by two principals:  
  1. Honesty, Integrity, and Service
  2. Treat every conversation like it's the most important conversation of your life

From slinging products in mall kiosks to managing teams in corporate offices, Jackson brings over 11 years of experience from the cellphone industry. All these experiences give him a killer instinct for finding opportunities for team ThanoTech to crush.


Dan Tygard, Creative Director
Everyone loves a comeback story and this could be it for Dan. After working in the advertising industry for four years, then leaving abruptly, then wandering around back and forth between Utah and California for over a year—he’s back and ready to rock. This native Californian, Utah transplant enjoys time with family and time outdoors on planet Earth.


Tyler Chapman, Design Engineer
What do you do when you meet a dude who speaks/writes/reads Chinese, who also happens to be a 3D engineer wizard and a graphic designer in one? You make him apart of the team. Now it's time to slay some pixels.


Vane Stoev, Design Engineer
We're not sure yet, but Vane or "Vancho" might just be a cage fighter. We do know he's a mechanical engineer by trade and that he punishes challenging engineering projects. His engineering software skills and computer simulation tests have given us greater insight into the best technology for our products. 


Karen Xie, China Brand Manager
What would we do without Karen? We're really not sure. With her years of experience in manufacturing and product management, Karen keeps production schedules on track. From early stages of product development to final run, she's involved and we couldn't be happier to have her on board to hold down the office in China.


Athos O., Master Shipper
Box builder, label maker, product packer, fulfiller of dreams, Athos takes our products and sends them out into the real world. 


Alise N., Customer Service Extraordinaire
If there's a problem Alise has a way of smiling at it long enough for it to melt away. But on a more serious note, real problems need real solutions and Alise has plenty of solutions in her bag of tricks to keep us impressed.