About Us

(Dennis is MIA from the picture) 

Two unlikely friends that had the same vision of creating something that would eventually create a movement. Our goal is not only to make stunning protection for our devices; it is much bigger than accessories. We want to empower our youth throughout the U.S.A. to strive to go for their dreams. Even if you don't make it, you at least reached for it.

With the successful completion of this campaign and all the future ones, we are going to create a foundation for our youth, designed to lead them to a better future of self creation. Follow us to find out more. Help us reach our goals to accomplish it.

-ThanoTech Team-

Jackson Hollberg - Co-Founder and CEO
Workhorse by trade and visionary by his own account (smirk), he has a passion for solving problems and serving in any aspect he can. He lives his life by two foundations:

1- Honesty, Integrity and Service
2- Treat every conversation like it is the most important conversation of your life.

With these he tries to lead by example even through his faults. He has worked in the cellphone industry for quite some time from the ground to the top. His desire for selling over the past decade has given him an adept view of what is lacking in the industry and what the customers really want. Let's make the rest history.

Dennis Sanchez - Co-Founder
His career began in building and testing robotics for Medical World, before transferring that energy into building custom vehicles and motorcycles (specialized in metal-shaping). Building custom vehicles was a laborious and solitude lifestyle,  but rewarding and challenging. He's learned a lot about product time-lines, quality, and cost from his experience working with top professionals and building for the rich and famous.  It's extremely difficult to achieve all three (time, quality, cost) because one usually falls behind. Using these skills from the experience he's had will be transferred over to the ThanoTech brand. He is proud to have his training and expertise evolve and grow with this company.

Adam Orchard - Director of Customer Service

Adam is super excited to be a part of the ThanoTech team. He left a lucrative sales position in the marketing industry to contribute his knowledge and expertise to the company, and help streamline the customer service department. Adam and Jackson have been friends for almost a decade and when he saw what Jackson was doing with ThanoTech, he knew he would be an idiot not to come over. Adam suffers from a rare condition called idiophobia, which is the fear of being an idiot, so the move only made sense.
He is a husband, a father, and a self-proclaimed movie quote zen master. He likes to work hard and play harder; for all work and no play make Adam a dull boy. Anyone wanna go camping this weekend?

Mission Statement

ThanoTech is dedicated to giving its customers the best quality accessories to complement our everyday devices. Our designs and products are meant to be simple and yet brilliant, providing a solution to problems with items in our daily carry. We intend to make enough profit to generate and finance continued growth and development in quality merchandises. We inspire a work ethic for youth and adults to have a can-do attitude, and never give up on your dreams. We believe everyone has the capability to aspire to do something great. You just have to take that step!