iPhone Xs Max - K11 Bumper

The pinnacle of the K11 design. Bringing back the original round comfort fit, instant reaction touch buttons and the amazing protection from last year’s design, we have found a perfect fusion of K11's over the years. This is the K11 Bumper for the iPhone Xs Max.  

 Product Highlights:

  • Electro-Plated PC molded buttons for contact each time
  • Smaller TPU gaps to show more metal
  • Stronger, more form fitting bumper shape
  • 3-layer construction (TPU, PC, Stainless Steel) provides better build quality   
  • .6mm above the OLED screen to fit all screen protectors
  • Perfect color match
  • 2.5mm thin
  • Flexible TPU for easy installation and removal (See Here)
  • Compatible with 3rd party charging cables
  • 1 year warranty, excluding normal wear and tear

*This is a Pre-Ordered item that will ship when it is in stock. ETA January 2019


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    Space Gray

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